Oil and Gas

We offer a variety of solutions for the oil and gas industries, including instruments for measuring fluids and liquids in processes such as drilling mud and fracturing, and for use in power plants.

Drilling mud

For a few years now, Rhosonics has worked together with other companies in testing methods to measure drilling mud. Drilling mud is in fact a slurry used when drilling for oil. During the drilling process, drilling fluid is used to cool and clean the drill bit. But it is also used for keeping the drill hole pressurized, ensuring that the drilling fluid carries rock and dirt out of the drilling hole. Rhosonics is continuously developing instruments to monitor this process (e.g. measuring TSS or TDS).

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Hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking) is used to extract shale gas, tight gas, tight oil, and coal gas wells from rock deep in the earth. To perform the process, fracturing fluid is used: typically 90% of the fluid is water, 9.5% is sand, and about 0.5% consists of chemical additives. The main purpose of fracturing fluid is to extend fractures, add lubrication, change gel strength, and to carry proppants into the formation. With ultrasonic technology developed by Rhosonics, we can measure several properties of a liquid. For example, our model 9690 can be used to determine density or the concentration of PPA sand particles (proppants) in a slurry. This optimization tool can be installed in many different positions, for example in a pipe line or bypass system.

Power plants

Power plants are used all of the world and are vital in providing power. Wether the power derives from the sun, coal, nuclear processes, or gas, Rhosonics supplies equipment useful for this industry. For example, we can provide equipment to measure limestone slurryin a coal power plant. When processing coal, fumes are emitted and it is important to filter these fumes. Rhosonics provides density sensors for this application. For more detailed information, check the application datasheets or related models.

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