Model 9690 - Density Meter

Rhosonics offers non-nuclear, non-intrusive ultrasonic density meters for all kinds of slurries. Model 9690 is specially designed for the mining industry and for slurry density measurement. In order to measure the density of slurries, it is customary to use nuclear density meters, especially when inline measurement of very large pipes and high densities are needed. However, government regulations, as well as the need to reduce the production of nuclear waste, it is becoming increasingly important to find non-nuclear alternatives.

By monitoring the acoustic impedance of a slurry, this model can measure the density of the slurry in-situ and inline. The density sensor is made from PEEK and stainless steel. Slurries in pipes with a diameter of up to even 30” can be measured with a Rhosonics density meter. The ultrasonic sensor can be installed using a UHPE wafer, which is very corrosion resistant. There are numerous applications, but typical ones include mining and mineral slurries and dredging slurries.

Please also take a look at our newest model, the Slurry Density Meter (SDM).

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The 9690 model is the first choice when it comes to measuring the density of slurries




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Optional: Ethernet, HART, Profibus

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